First Time Advertiser


1. The first thing you will need to do is contact us for an Advertising Agreement and return it before the Ad Submission Deadline. This will reserve space for you in the issues you have designated. Also, if you have a logo in digital form, you should attach that to the e-mail, as well as any color or design specifications you would like the designers to work with when creating your custom designed ad.

2. Next, you will need to contact us to receive a username and password, which will allow you access to our convenient, quick, and easy on-line ad submission site, Online AdMaker. We will get back to you immediately with your username and password, in the meantime, you can familiarize yourself with the Online AdMaker Instructions. Also, if you are uncomfortable with how to submit digital imagery, we have some great digital images tips!

Returning Advertiser

Welcome Back!

If you have advertised in Homes & Land in the past, we should have your logo and contact information on file. If you would like to receive the best rate, you should fill out and fax over the Advertising Agreement. This will reserve space for you as well. If you remember your username and password you can submit your ad using Online Admaker anytime before the Ad Submission deadline. If you’re not sure what your username and password is, contact us, and we will get it to you immediately.

Ad Agency

If you are an ad agency or marketing person creating an ad for one of our advertisers, you should first read the specifications for submitting electronic media and/or composite film.