Getting quality digital images from you is our top priority. Since we are a high quality, full color magazine, it is very important for us to get good images to start with.

When you take your photos or digital images, we recommend that you follow the simple 1/3 RULE. That means when you’re composing the home in the viewfinder of your camera, you should have 1/3 sky, 1/3 house and 1/3 foreground. If you follow this simple rule, your image should not have any cropping problems when we place that image on your page.

* Due to software restrictions, we can only accept these formats: TIFF images (.tif), BITMAP Images (.bmp), JPEG Images (.jpg), and Adobe Photoshop Images.


Our Magazine’s are printed at 300 dpi or higher, so if you are scanning, we recommend that you scan it at the actual size you want it to print, at 300dpi. If your scanner does not allow you to scan at a resolution this high, you can cheat by increasing the physical size. For example, if you are scanning a photo at 150 dpi which will be printed at 2 inches wide, doubling the inches in your scanner control to 4 inches wide, will make up for the lack of pixels. If this is from a digital camera, the camera for magazine quality, needs to be set at it’s highest quality level. Even if this seems to create a giant file, send it over. We can always make a photo smaller but we can never make it bigger without stretching pixels. (This is why photos get grainy or bitmapped). Therefore, what YOU should NOT do, is take an image that was originally low quality/resolution, and change it with photo software to a higher resolution, this only makes it worse, because it stretches out the pixels – the original scanning, or shooting of the photo has to be high quality to begin with.

* You can upload your photos through our Online Ad Submission Form. Please be advised… It may take a bit longer to upload each image if you have a slow Internet connection.