1. Enter your username and password at cp.homesandland.com. (If you’re not sure what it is, contact us)

2. Create a New Folder, or, if you have already started one, work on a folder already in progress. (choose it from the drop down menu)

3. Name your folder. (This is for your own reference, call it whatever you want)

4. Choose the ad size, 1/2 or full. (Notice that it says the max. positions are 4 for a 1/2 page and 10 for a full, you may add more than that, but a charge per extra position will be added.)

5. Enter any special instructions. This field is used generally to indicate specific layout instructions or other info you feel we need to know. Ex. Please put my logo on the left, or please use a darker shade of red in my background, etc.

6. Enter info for your 1st listing.

        A. If it has run before, choose Pick Up Position, then check repeat a listing. Every listing you have run in the magazine for the past 3 months, should be available here. Choose the property you want, edit as necessary.

        B. If it’s a new listing, click on add a position, then check off new property listing.

        C. Photo and Caption Information (For New Listings)

                I. Inset text: Text – if any, which you would like in a banner over the photo

                II. Lead Line: The part of the caption which will be bold

                III. Caption: Write your caption in here, include the price.

                IV. How will photo be supplied: Choose whether you will upload digital images now, or send actual photos to us in the mail(please allow sufficient time for delivery by deadline.)

                V. Uploading photos: Browse to find the photo file name, hit open.

        D. Property Information: As you know your listings will go on homesandland.com,
which is linked to several major search engines (ie. Yahoo). The information you enter here, will help your listing to show up in Internet searches frequently.

        E. Home mail: This information allows us to send a copy of the magazine, as well as a nice letter, to your seller. We’ll let them know that you have chosen to advertise their home in Homes & Land, as well as on homesandland.com. This is a great opportunity
For you to have someone else tell your seller what a great job you’re doing for them!

7. After entering each listing, you will come back to the same start page, where you can choose to Pick Up a Position, or enter a New Listing. Once you have entered all of your listings, you will hit the proof and submit button. Proof the page that comes up, hit next, check off the box that asks if you are satisfied that the ad is complete, hit next, now, print out a copy for your records.


A. Remember that you do not need to do your entire ad all at once, you can exit wizard at any time, and get back into the folder to start where you left off. (Instead of creating a new folder, work on a folder already in progress).

B. Remember, once you have submitted your ad, you can not make changes to it! So, we
recommend, that when you do your ad ahead of time, exit rather than submitting, and on the day of the deadline, make any price changes or edits that are necessary, then submit.

C. To have multiple photos for one listing, enter all of the information and ad copy for the property with one photo. Then, when you are back to the controls page, scroll down to the listing, and hit edit, within the edit page, you will see an option to add more photos.

D. If you run into trouble, we are able to get on-line and see what you’re doing, so don’t hesitate to call!